Alcalá Bikes is a bike shop and workshop in Alcalá de Henares (Spain).

DSR roma is responsible for the creation and maintenance of their web site,, using WordPress, as well as the development of tailor-made tools for shop daily management, for example, spreadsheets on Google Drive for taking orders or calculating budgets for tailor-made bikes.

Lingo is a word game that prompts the user to guess the hidden word from some letters.

Inspired by a TV show, this app has been designed and developed by DSR, providing a high degree of configurability to adapt the game to the needs and preferences of any player.

This is a more flexible version of the original game, allowing the user to choose the size of the word, the degree of support provided by the app (number of clues, smart keyboard), or even a system to distinguish the state of game, usually represented by colors, for players or devices with some difficulty recognizing or showing colors (people with color blindness or monochrome devices).

Jiǎn qǐ pái, (Pick up the cards) is a card game that uses Chinese characters (hanzi) as its centerpiece. Consisting of various minigames and with several configuration options, i may be adapted the challenge to the skill of each player.


FMG is an application for business use for professional tablets. It allows maintenance staff to easily keep track of the state of the facilities under their supervision, no need to stay online.

It can detect deviations, take corrective preventive measures before reaching the fault itself, ensure the proper functioning of the system, and provide a detailed quantitative monitoring.

semaFOOD, the second app of this set, features a game of food classifying depending on the frequency with which they could be consumed by people with a certain diet, as the person with Prader-Willi.

This full version has up to 250 foods, to be classified in three categories:

  • Green, Go!, Low calorie foods, can be eaten freely
  • Yellow, Warning!, Moderate calorie foods, can be eaten in moderation
  • Red, Stop!, High calorie foods, should be eaten rarely

Logotipo PWWPWW (Prader-Willi World) is a mobile application aimed at families with children with Prader-Willi syndrome (a rare disease), allowing them have on hand basic information for the disease management.

In addition to its informative facet includes an important social aspect, with a map to locate other families in the same situation and the ability to contact them, which is essential for any dispersed minority. It includes useful tools for families, as growth monitoring, or taking notes.

This app is developed in Android and it's available at Google Play.

The set SPG (Special Games) features games and activities for the classroom or at home, tailored to the needs of people with disabilities. They are very simple games and without distractions. The first app of SPG series features 3 games of classification: by color, shape or amount.

It is an application of the Fundación SPW to children, youth, adults and older with intellectual disabilities, cognitive deficit, autistic spectrum, PDD (pervasive developmental disorders), Alzheimer, ...

This app does not include advertising nor require any special permission. No Internet access nor any protected resource access on your device.

It has been developed in Corona-Lua and it's available at Google Play. A demo version is available too.