Lingo is a word game that prompts the user to guess the hidden word from some letters.

Inspired by a TV show, this app has been designed and developed by DSR, providing a high degree of configurability to adapt the game to the needs and preferences of any player.

This is a more flexible version of the original game, allowing the user to choose the size of the word, the degree of support provided by the app (number of clues, smart keyboard), or even a system to distinguish the state of game, usually represented by colors, for players or devices with some difficulty recognizing or showing colors (people with color blindness or monochrome devices).

It is an application of the Fundación SPW aimed at all audiences.

Technically, the app uses remote data access (on the cloud), internal databases, "in-app" billing, advertising ... It has been developed in Corona-Lua and is available at Google Play.