semaFOOD, the second app of this set, features a game of food classifying depending on the frequency with which they could be consumed by people with a certain diet, as the person with Prader-Willi.

This full version has up to 250 foods, to be classified in three categories:

  • Green, Go!, Low calorie foods, can be eaten freely
  • Yellow, Warning!, Moderate calorie foods, can be eaten in moderation
  • Red, Stop!, High calorie foods, should be eaten rarely

The app will show, one by one, as many foods as dishes (amount of games) have been configured. The player must touch the proper dish for each food. If he chooses the good dish, he will earn star points. Red foods give higher scores, as it represents an effort to recognize that such an appetizing food is not suitable for me. If player gets wrong, he will lose some points, and the food will continue waiting for a classification.

It is an application of the Fundación SPW to people under a specific diet.

This app does not include advertising nor require any special permission. No Internet access nor any protected resource access on your device.

It has been developed in Corona-Lua and it's available at Google Play. A demo version is available too.