Jiǎn qǐ pái, (Pick up the cards) is a card game that uses Chinese characters (hanzi) as its centerpiece. Consisting of various minigames and with several configuration options, i may be adapted the challenge to the skill of each player.

In some of the minigames the rows of cards are considered: the player must select one or more cards according to the criteria indicated. By making the right selection, the row disappears, other rows go down and a new row appears to fill the board. In other games, you play with all the cards on the board, for example, by pairs of matching cards. The right selections disappear from the board until it is empty. In case of failure, the game ends. The app record the best times in each of the games and depending on the options used.

It is an application fo the Fundación SPW aimed to all audiences.

This app has ads, to benefit Fundación SPW. It access no protected resource on your device. Internet access is only for ads. It pickups no user data (neigher personal or usage data).

I has been developed in Corona-Lua and is available at Google Play.